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10th National Leadership Retreat focused on elements to help achieve EDPRS II

10th National Leadership Retreat focused on elements to help achieve EDPRS II

Kigali, 1 April 2013

The Ministry in the Office of the President organised, today, a post national leadership retreat press conference where the Ministers of Education, Infrastructure, Finance and Economic Planning as well as Permanent Secretaries from the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Trade and Industry briefed the media about the different topics discussed at 10th national leadership retreat chaired by President Paul Kagame in Gabiro from 28-30 March 2013.

“The discussions focused on infrastructure, capacity development and the improvement of public service delivery to achieve EDPRS II, to double GDP per capita and increase GDP growth from the current annual average of 8.2% in the last ten years to 11.5% by the year 2020,” said Minister in the Office of the President Venantie Twagirayezu.

During the briefing, the Minister of Infrastructure, Prof. Silas Lwakabamba, was asked about the current challenge of power outages happening across the city of Kigali. He answered that the issue of electrification was extensively discussed at the retreat.
“Currently the demand of power is higher than supply, we discussed the issue of electricity and the new power plants that are under construction. By June 2014, we will have Kivu Watt generating 25 MW as well as Nyabarongo I which will produce 28 MW”. The government has set a target of 560 MW by 2017. This will mean half the population will have electricity.

Other topics discussed during the national retreat are strategies for private sector investment, increasing human resource capacity to implement EDPRS II, improving public service performance and enhancing Rwanda’s online presence.

Leaders committed to achieving 95 percent of last year’s national retreat recommendations by June 2013. They also committed to working together and coordinating better to be able to implement all the recommendations needed to realise set targets.

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