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Dignity through justice: Q&A with John Bosco Siboyintore Head of the Genocide Fugitive Tracking Unit

Dignity through justice: Q&A with John Bosco Siboyintore Head of the Genocide Fugitive Tracking Unit

What is the Genocide Fugitive Tracking Unit?

The unit was formed in 2007 to investigate and indict fugitives who committed genocide, fled and now live abroad.

What progress has been made?

Since the unit was set up, we have issued 104 warrants to 25 different countries worldwide. So far 23 individuals are currently on trial or have been found guilty.

Does the international community have a role in supporting this work?

Yes it does. These fugitives are in countries as diverse as Cote D’Ivoire, Belgium, Swaziland and Canada, and we have handed warrants to their authorities. In response, fugitives have been extradited back to Rwanda while others have been prosecuted in the countries they were hiding in.

On 28 January, one of the most infamous genocidaires, Jean Marie Vianney Mudahinyuka, number four on the Interahamwe leadership hierarchy was arrested in Chicago and deported to Rwanda. He had been found guilty in absentia by the Nyakabanda Gacaca Court of genocide and murder. He, and the militia he led, were personally involved in the death of hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Why is catching genocide fugitives still important 17 years after the Genocide?

It would be a crime in itself if these criminals never faced the law. The arrest and trials of these fugitives give us more information on the events of 1994, and help fight the lies spread by genocide deniers around the world.

Rwandans suffered horrendously because of what these men and women did. Wives lost their husbands, children lost their parents and the entire society was left scarred. Justice heals wounds and helps people move forward in dignity.

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