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International Conference on Genocide Opens in Kigali

International Conference on Genocide Opens in Kigali

Kigali, 5 April 2012 – As part of the 18th genocide commemoration program of events, the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide organised an International Conference with the theme: “18 years after the Genocide Perpetrated against Tutsi: Testimonies and Reflections”. The conference will be held on April 5-6th, 2012, in Kigali.

The participants come from government institutions and agencies, civil society, academia and diverse international organisations.
In his opening remarks as the guest of honour , the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Habumuremyi , said

“Ever since the end of genocide in 1994, the Government of Rwanda has welcomed policies, debates and research on the genocide’s causes and consequences and its prevention, especially in light of post-genocide critical issues of healing and reconstruction. Enacting various laws, punishing and preventing the crime of Genocide and other atrocities, creation of a National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, adoptation of best teaching practices for better human rights preservation and protection, institutionalization of an annual genocide commemoration week, creation of a National Commission for the Fight against Genocide are among the many initiatives set up to respond to various needs expressed and concerns raised by people who attended seminars, meetings and conferences similar to this one.”

The presentations to be delivered cover areas such as linkages between pre-genocide patterns of violence and the 1994 genocide against Tutsi; positions on current literature, especially vis-à-vis genocide victims, the legacy of post-genocide justice at the national and international Levels
and post-genocide effects, memory and recovery programs.

The conference is also expected to cover and address the following:

 Shedding light on the linkages between antecedents of structural violence against Tutsi and the genocide committed in 1994.

 Assessment of the current literature on genocide against Tutsi, especially with respect to the place allocated to genocide victims.

 Proposals on mechanisms for handling and utilization of reference documents and rulings by national and international judicial organs.

On April 7, Rwanda remembers the victims of 1994 genocide during which more than 1 million Tutsi were exterminated. April 7 is followed by a week of commemoration events. This year marks the 18th anniversary of the genocide with the theme, ‘Learning from our history to build a bright future’.

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